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The 4th Thai Student Academic Conference
(TSAC 2015)
8-10 May 2015 Uppsala, Sweden

9 May 2015

Time Activity




Keynote session 4:
How to set up your own research in Thailand
Assocociate Professor Pithi Chanvorachote
Department of Pharmacology and Physiology, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand


Room K3 Chair : Ekkachai Martwong
A1: Molecular Imprinting Studies for Low Density Lipoprotein
A2: Stepwise Liquid-phase Fabrication of Moisture-tolerant Metal-organic Framework Thin Films: Crystallinity Enhancing Towards Selective Adsorption and Sensing Applications
A3: Chemical Constituents from Xylocarpus Rumphii (Meliaceae)

Room K4 Chair : Nithi Rungtanapirom
B1: Organisational Perceptions of Urban Pooling and Its Adoption in France
B2: Chipko Movement: The Gandhian Environmental Ideology as Indian Soft Power
B3: Food Security and Food Sovereignty in Asean: A Contemporary Survey


Break and Poster session


Room K3 Chair : Supaporn Sawadjoon
A4: Plasma Gasification for Municipal Solid Waste Treatment: An Overview
A5: Dry Fractionation of Rice Straw Prior to Bioethanol Production
A6: Extraction of Oil and Terpenes from Guayule Biomass (Parthenium Argentatum) Under Supercritical Conditions

Room K4 Chair : Siriroj Kanjanapornpreecha
B4: Using Population Control As A Solution Problems Related to Immigration and Quality of Life
B5: Exploring The Socio-political Dimension of Flood Vulnerability in Central Thailand: Toward Resilient Local-Level Adaptation
B6: Effect of Climatic Events and Anthropogenic Activities on Hydrology of The Chao-phraya River Basin in the Last 60 Years




Room K3 Chair : Panya Sae-Lim
A7: A Linear Regression Estimator Based on The Conway-maxwell-poisson Distribution for Capture-recapture Data
A8: Deciphering Evolution of Animals by Exploring Conserved OCT4 Activities Using Embryonic Stem Cells
A9: The Mediating Role of Relational and Absorptive Capitals in Supplier Development and Relationship Benefits Linkage: A Case of The Study Thai Palm Oil Industry

Room K4 Chair : Worachet Uttha
B7: A Comparative Study of Regulations of Electricity Network Access Between Thailand and Germany
B8: The Postcards from Pai: Multiple Enactments as Tourism Destination Development Processes
B9: New Naming of Thai Places in The French Guidebooks on Thailand


Coffee Break


Networking session for academic collaboration among Thai students in Europe


Presentation of Thai students association and their collaboration in Europe
Closing ceremony


Farewell dinner

* The program is subject to change.