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Instruction of Poster Presentation

Poster sessions are essential parts of TSAC 2015 that encourage interaction and exchange of ideas among participants. Selections are made by organizer reviewers and are based solely on abstract qualities such as clear statement of the topic and research question, empirical or theoretical basis and research method etc.

Display Poster
  • Required size of poster is a dimension of 118.9 cm long x 84.1 cm wide (A0).
  • Please bear in mind that oversized posters maybe not fit the poster board.
  • The title, author and institution affiliation (s) must be mentioned in good visibility. You may also include necessary contact information on your printed poster for display.

Instruction of Oral Presentation

The selected abstract for oral presentation will be given 15 minutes for each presentation following by 5-10 minutes for Q&A. The talk must be conducted in Thai; the presentation slide can be written in English.

We will provide Mac OS and Windows-based laptops to facilitate your presentation. As a backup plan, please also make your presentation as .pdf for the worst case scenario.

Oral presenters also have to prepare for 1-minute talk with 1-slide presentation as promotion of your presentation during ‘Meet the Presenters’ session in the evening of May 8th.